Below is a picture of our electronic condo lock that is on our condo doors, the four digit code is change for each renter and remove after your stay for your safety.  All you need to do is enter the four digit code that we gave you and then turn the handle and walk in and enjoy your vacation stay.



Lock Box - Step 1

Step #1

If our electronic lock was to fail you would have to gain access to the condo with the emergency key using our lock box located on the side wall of the door. Please call Keith at 248-770-3978 for the code.

Lock Box - Step 2

Step #2

In order, press the 4 digit numbers that you were given to unlock the lock box.

Lock Box - Step 3

Step #3

Once the code has been entered, push down on the top release button to open the lock box. The push pad should pull out towards you to allow you to get the door key.

Lock Box - Step 4

Step #4

Once you have the key out of the box, Unlock the condo entry door and return the key promptly to the lock box . You will find a complete set of keys inside as told to you upon sign-up.

Lock Box - Step 5

Step #5

After you return the key to the lock box, You must re-enter the code on the push pad and push down on the black button on the top to re-seat pad down into lock box unit.

Lock Box - Step 6

Step #6

It is important that you follow these steps so that the entry key is NOT misplaced or lost.

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